Opening July 20, please join us:

atelier theatre hong kong is a bi-lingual, ensemble-based theater company, whose two ongoing components are the creation of new performances and the training of young theatre artists. The members of the ensemble work on a full-time basis with the company. The company, located and registered in Hong Kong, was founded in 2017.

The  atelier is a space, a non-judgmental environment, where an ensemble of determined theatre artists can work continuously and collaboratively over a long period of time, in order to go beyond our personal limitations and the limitations of theatre as an art form …

At the center of our daily work are three questions,
'What is Man and what is his/her fable? What is theatre and what is unique about it? What are the most meaningful and impactful ways that the theatre can express the fable of Man?' …

We ask these questions through every aspect of our work: the daily trainings, the rehearsals, and the performances we do before the spectators."      
—Massoud Saidpour, founder & director